Bio - Foto - Contatti

Bio - Foto - Contatti

«I think that Poetry lives in the body of the poet, in his breath and in his voice as well as in his signs lying on the dumb pages of books. But I also think that Sound isn’t enough, because poetry needs thoughts, and critics, and forms.

That’s way I make a particular kind of Post-Sound Poetry, in which the meanings are very important, as important as the rhythm of the voice and as the depth of breath.

I believe that the poet, today, must be a post-modern, critic griot of our actual imperial&globalized society and so my texts are political and civil ones, but they need musical background to tell the emotions as much as they need cultural traditions and experimental literary tools to criticize the forms of the present language and to built a new one.

I think that this kind of work, on the border between popular music and the High Culture of the modern Avant-Gards, smells of Avant-Pop.»